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Most people have now realised that content is the key to organic search traffic, and the growing need for content has created a number of different content creation options. Whether you want to create specific pages for a website or you are adding new pages to a blog, here are some of the options that are open to you, along with the benefits and potential pitfalls of each.

Spun content

The advantage of spun content is that is so cheap. You could pick up a cheap spun content article on a website like for as little as a few dollars or you could use one of the many free online article spinning websites and spin an article yourself. However, while this method of generating content is certainly cheap, you are running the risk of falling foul of Google, because they have started to clamp down on spun content. Also, the quality of spun content is usually so low, that even if it does attract a visitor to your website, that visitor will probably leave your site very quickly.

Low cost content writers

As is the case with spun content, the attraction of low cost content writers is that you can have a large amount of content generated for you at a low price. You will find low cost content writers on most of the micro-jobbing sites and some will write you an article for as little a couple of dollars. While there may well be some very good writers that are prepared to write cheap content for you, it is more likely that the content that you receive from low cost content writers is plagiarised, spun or very low quality.

 Content farms

If you want to buy content, then you will come across what are known as content farms, one example of which is TextBroker. Sites like this act as the intermediary between low cost content writers and those looking to buy content. Typically, on sites like Text Broker, you place an order for writing work and someone will pick up that work and deliver it. Although content farms can deliver low cost content, the quality is a bit a hit and miss, because you don’t know how is going to be writing the content for you. Also, after the content farm has taken their slice of the fee, the money that that the content writer earns is very low indeed, which means that the writer’s incentive is to write the content as fast as they can rather than writing the best SEO optimised content that they possibly can.

Buy ready written content

There are some websites that you can buy pre-written content for your website. The best known of these is probably ConstantContent. On Constant Content, you can instantly buy and download content articles that freelance writers have pre-written. The disadvantages of this type of content generation is that, although the quality of written content at Constant Content is said to be quite high, you are still buying off-the-shelf content that has not been written specifically for your own needs. The cost of written articles from websites like Constant Content is also surprisingly high, especially given that they may not totally meet your requirements.

Hire a professional content writer

If you are looking to fill some pages with content fast, and quality is not important to you, then one or more of the options mentioned above may well be a good way to generate content for your website, especially if you have tight budget constraints. However, if you do want to spend a little bit more money and hire a professional freelance content writer, how do you go about making sure that they are what they say they are and that they are going to deliver? Here are a few tips on how to spot a top-notch content writer.

References and recommendations

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection and set themselves up as a website content writer, but getting valid recommendations and references is a different matter, so make sure that there are plenty of genuine looking recommendations for the writer that have been left over a reasonably long period of time.

A track record

Another way to check if a freelance writer is likely to provide you with good quality SEO content is to see how long they have been a writer for. If you are hiring a freelance writer through a freelance jobbing site, see how long they have been working on that site for and look at the number of completed jobs they have compared to other sellers on the site.

Look at the well the advertisement is worded

Read the advertisement for a freelance content writer and check it for grammar and spelling. Anyone can make mistakes, and I will admit that I don’t take the same care writing advertising and posts for my own blogs as I do with customer work, but if an advertisement for quality web content is riddled with mistakes, it really should be ringing some alarm bells with you.

Don’t jump too quickly to the fast turnaround sellers

While everyone wants their content as fast as possible, the reality is that if it takes a few extra days it really isn’t going to make a great deal of difference. Top quality content articles don’t get written in five minutes, they need to be researched, thought about, and written carefully, and then proofread and edited. If a copywriter is offering you a deal for, say, 10 content articles in 24 hours, you should be asking yourself how much care and attention is going to be put into those articles.

Start up a conversation with the writer

A busy freelance writer won’t thank you for you for asking loads of questions about their services and then not placing an order, but if you do have any reasonable questions, you should ask them. Depending on the price and the volume of content that you want written, you should at least make it clear to the writer what it is you need. If you ask a few basic questions, you will also be able to gauge the standard of the writers English from the written responses that you get back.

Many thanks for reading this. I hope you found it useful and I hope that it helps you find the best content writer for your content generation needs. If you would like to consider hiring me as your content writer, please feel free to check out my SEO content writing services.

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