Why You Need a Professional Content Writer

There is no doubt that quality content will get your website ranked higher on Google and high quality content sells products. There is equally no question that there are plenty of content writing services on the web, but why should you pay for a professional content writer to write your content for you, when you could do it yourself, or you could employ the services one of the many cheap article writing services?

If you have been thinking about saving money on your content writing, here are ten reasons why it is well-worth paying that little bit extra to get your web content written by a professional copywriter.

Quality really does matter

When you are publishing content on your website, you are competing against millions of other websites for the attention of visitors. If your content is poorly worded, stuffed with keywords, or it has lots of grammatical errors, visitors to your site are very likely to leave your site just as fast as they came in. Poor content can also cost you places in the Google rankings, especially spun content, copied content, or content that has been over-stuffed with keywords.

Website copywriting isn’t easy

Writing for websites isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You have to write content in a tone that will appeal to the visitors of a website, you have to include keywords in a way that looks natural and will not get you penalised by Google, you have to make the content entertaining, and you have to write content that will encourage readers to take the appropriate action, whether that be to subscribe, buy, or something else.

You’ve got better things to do

Writing articles for the web is also quite time consuming. To write, proofread and edit a five hundred word SEO content article could take you an hour or more if you were to do it yourself. If you employ a reliable website content writer to write your content and blog posts, you will have that time available for more productive things.

Going cheap doesn’t pay

If you do decide to use a freelance content writer for your web content, it will pay you to do your research, and don’t just jump at the cheapest service that you can find. You may get lucky, but it is very unlikely that a freelance writing service that is offering a thousand words for just a few dollars is going to provide you with the best quality content articles. 

It takes away the creative burden for you

Posting fresh content to a website is a proven way of boosting visitor numbers, but coming up with fresh and engaging topics, time after time, is not easy. A good content writing professional with lots of experience will be used to doing this and they will be quite likely to have written articles for your particular niche before as well, so they will have plenty of ideas for original content for your site.

Readers are becoming more and more demanding

The internet explosion has placed billions of pages of information in the public domain and readers of that information are becoming choosier about what they will read and what they will not. When there are so many choices of web pages to read about a particular topic, readers now expect much more out of web content than they used to and that means that your content has to good if people are going to hang around on your site to read it. 

Your competitors are probably doing it

Posting fresh content on your website is not just about filling up space; it’s about providing content that people want to read.  It is very likely that your competitors have already discovered the importance of content marketing and they are probably paying for high quality SEO content writing services from a professional freelance copywriter. 

Your content impacts on your brand

Don’t think that the content on your post is just there for SEO purposes, people will read it and they will judge your brand on it. If you have poor quality content articles on your website or blog that were written by a cheap SEO content writer, the few dollars you saved by not using a professional freelance writer will soon be overtaken by the money you have lost in sales. 

Good content converts into sales

Good web content is not there to look pretty or to win a popularity contest; your content is there to win you sales. If you buy content from an experienced online content writer, you will get articles that are both entertaining and that drive the reader through to making a purchase. There is a lot more to writing persuasive content than simply adding a short call to action at the bottom of the article.

You need targeted traffic

Of course, the main reason why you should hire a professional SEO content writer is that you want to drive targeted traffic to your website, and to do that, you will need high quality, SEO optimised, content articles on a regular basis.

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Artois Cinquante Deux

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