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Many thanks for taking the time to take a look at my manual article spinning service.

As a freelance writer, I often come across, as I am sure you have too, website content that really seems to make very little sense, or no sense at all. It all looks like it is spelled correctly and the sentence structure appears to correct, but the words have been used are just clumsy, or words have been used in the wrong context.

If you have seen written content like that, then the chances are that you’ve been looking at spun content. Article spinners sound like a great idea. You take one article from one website, you run it through a content spinner, and you get a brand new and original content article out the other end. The truth is, though, even the best automatic article spinner can’t produce good quality, readable written content by simply replacing words and phrases with synonyms from a thesaurus.  

So, if you want an article spun for your website, and you want it to make sense to a human reader, take a look at my manual article spinning service as a means of getting high quality content at an extremely cost effective price.

The Service

I will manually rewrite any content article for you and create a highly readable, top quality, and 100% unique article that will pass Copyscape 100%.

If you are tired of wasting your time and money on buying articles that have been spun or using article spinning software and getting nothing but bad, unreadable results, then let me spin your content articles properly for you!

If you have found an article on the web that you think would be great for your website or blog and you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism or get penalised by Google for having duplicate content, simply send me a link to the article that you would like spun with your order, or a text file containing the original text, and I will manually rewrite the content for you and make it 100% unique.

100% unique content
100% re-written by a professional freelance content writer
Completely rewritten and improved – No spinning software used!
100% grammatically correct
No spelling errors
Totally readable
Engaging content
Additional keywords added if required
Guaranteed 100% Copyscape plagiarism checker pass

I guarantee that your content article will be 100% unique and it will be written personally by me, not by spinner software. I write content for a living, so quality is as important to me as it is to you. I also happen to hate seeing people ripped off with badly worded content that he been produced by spinner software in five seconds flat!

When you employ the services of a competent freelance writer to spin content for you, you get a lot more than just a page of synonyms; you get written words that people will want to read and that will:

Drive more organic traffic to your website
Engage visitors and encourage them to stay on site
Increase click-through rates to your sales proposition
Enhance the value of your site
Achieve higher rankings on google and other search engines
Sell more of your services and products
Increase the credibility your site

Delivery of Your Content

Your manually re-written content will be delivered to you in a word file. It will have been manually spun, by a human being, and it will have been carefully proofread twice. I will also run the competed spun content through two grammar checking tools before I deliver it to you, and I will check it for duplication using the premium service of Copyscape to make absolutely sure that the content does not appear to be duplicated. The average time from order to delivery is usually in the region of 3-5 days. The quoted word count is an approximate guide; I always deliver more words than advertised. If you need more words, you can order multiples of 500 words.

Your Guarantee

Guarantee, Article Spinner, Best Article Spinner, Manual Content Spinning

As with all my writing services, this article spinning service comes with a 100% guarantee. While I will do my very best to produce rewritten spun content that you will love, you may simply not like what I produce. I will be happy to meet reasonable requests for revisions, but if you really don’t like the way that I spin content, you can just invoke the guarantee and have your money back. 


Whether you have found an article on the web that you like or you have some content of your own that you want to have re-written, even the best article spinners can’t do as a good a job as a human being can.

I don’t simply replace one word with another, as content spinners do, I rewrite the content so that it is 100% unique, and what I produce is often better than the original.

I now have one hundred positive ratings for my manual article spinning service on SEOClerks. Here’s what just a few customers have said out be my manual article spinning service:

About the Writer

I am a full-time freelance writer and I have been writing content articles for more than five years. I have written original content and manually rewritten content for hundreds of different customers on just about every type of topic that you could mention.

Google will penalise you for duplicated content and it will penalise you for badly written content too, so don’t get caught out by using cheap article spinners; get the job done properly by a real writer.

I will rewrite any article, on any topic, so long as the material is not offensive or illegal.

Blog posts
Sales copy
Product descriptions
News articles
Web site content
Product reviews
Travel articles

Any topic, any article; re-written for you in perfect English and re-written in a way that people will actually want to read.

What I Will Need from You

All I will need from you is the URL of the article that you want manually spun, or a text copy of the article that you want re-written.

Order Via SEOClerks

To order your manually re-written content, please just click the link below and place your order for my writing service on

I use SEOClerks, because it provides me with an easy way to manage my orders, and it gives you the peace of mind and security of knowing that your money will be held, until I deliver the order and you are 100% happy with the spun content that I provide.

 If you are, for any reason at all, not completely satisfied with the spun content that I provide, you can get a full refund of your money, with no questions asked.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Artois Cinquante Deux

Artois52 is a highly experienced freelance content writer and guest post writer with over five years’ experience of writing web content for all kinds of websites. “Any topic any niche; I always write the very best quality content that I can for every customer.”