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Thanks or taking the time to check out my premium content writing service.

I am a full time content writer and I have been writing web content, blog posts, content articles and guest posts, full time, for nearly five years and I would love to write high quality content for your blog or website.

I have a range of content writing services and guest post services that I supply through the SEO marketplace called SEO clerks. If you want to have web content written by, what some people have called, the best content writer around,  you can click the button below to place an order, or read on, and I’ll tell you more about this 750 word content article writing service.

The Service

I will write a minimum of 750 words of the highest quality content for you on your choice of topic. Your content will be well-researched, well-written and grammatically correct and it will be written in a tone to suit the niche of your site.

100% Unique, Not Spun, Not copied
High quality and grammatically correct
SEO friendly
Engaging and persuasive
Fully researched
Written by a native English speaker
Any topic
Your choice of keywords
US or UK spelling
Increase word count if required by selecting optional extras

I guarantee that your content article will be well-researched and written personally by me. I love writing, and I write every day for a living. That’s why that you can be sure that I will deliver only the very highest quality work.

Content is still king and even the mighty Google that must be obeyed says that the best way to get more visitors to any type of website or blog is to have quality, readable and engaging content. 

When you employ the services of a good freelance content writer, you will get more than just words that fill a page; you will also get written words that will:

Increase your organic traffic
Encourage visitors to stay on your web pages for longer
Increase click-through rates
Maximise the value of your website
Get ranked higher on search engines
Sell products and services

The Delivery

Your content will be delivered in MS word format. It will have been proof read twice. It will have been grammar and spell checked using two different tools. As neither I nor grammar checkers are 100% fail proof, reasonable requests for revisions will be completed as a part of the service. The average delivery time is 3-5 days. The word count is approximate; I always over-deliver.

The Guarantee

Article Writer, Freelance Writer, Best Content Writer, Content Articles
There is a 100%, no quibble guarantee on all my content writing services. Although no one has ever yet invoked the guarantee, I understand that writing is a very subjective thing. After all, while I may think that a book is wonderful, you may think it is the worst thing you have ever read! So, for the avoidance of all doubt; if, for any reason at all, you are not completely satisfied with the written work that I produce for you, you can invoke the guarantee and get a full refund of your money, no questions asked.


I have been a freelance content writer for more than five years and in that time I have written content for many different types of websites. Whatever I write, I always write it as though it was content for one of my own websites, so I only produce work that I would be happy to publish under my own name.

I now have more than 300 positive ratings for my work on SEO Clerks and some glowing recommendations too. Here is what some of my customers have said about my content writing work. 

These are all real recommendations from real customers of mine. You can see these and more for yourself when you click through to my profile on SEO Clerks.

About The Writer

I have been writing web content, full time, for nearly five years and I have written thousands of content articles on many different topics. I am happy to write content for on any subject at all so long as it is not offensive, or illegal. In fact, the more challenging the topic, the more I will enjoy writing it.

I adapt my style of writing to suit the tone of a customer’s website, so I can write in a glitzy salesman voice, an educated expert voice, or an independent reviewer’s voice. I also have no problem at all writing on female orientated topics as well as male orientated topics.
I also worked for many years in sales and marketing, so I know how vital it is to drive through sales with well-written and engaging content. If you want visitors to your website to be engaged by the content and driven through to a call to action, it’s only well-written content with the right kind of sales pitch that is written in a tone that the target audience will relate to that can do that for you.

Blog posts
Sales copy
Product descriptions
Researched articles
Full website content
Any niche

What I Will Need From You

To get me started on writing your high-quality content for you, all I will need is the title or the topic of the content article that you need written, any keywords that you want to be included in the text, and any other additional information that you think might help me write the perfect content  article for you.

You will need to register at SEOClerks, which only takes a few seconds to do, and then placing an order for my work is very easy to do and your money is held, pending your acceptance of my work. If I fail to deliver, or you simply don’t like what I write for you, you will get a full refund of your money, no questions asked.

Order Via SEOClerks

I provide all my content writing and guest post services through the online marketplace place SEO Clerks. I use this site because it gives me a system to control my orders, and it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that, if I don’t deliver, you get your money back!

As well as my own services, you will also find thousands of other useful cheap SEO services and, yes, you will find some other writers there too. If you don’t like the look of the writing services that I offer and you do choose to use another writer in SEO clerks, I get a small commission for referring you, but it doesn’t cost you a single cent more.

Of course, I’d much prefer it if you ordered your best quality written content from myself! So, if you want to place an order for 750 word content articles, just click the button below, and you will be taken straight through my content writing service on SEO clerks where you will be able to quickly register and place your order.

I look forward to writing some best quality content articles for you soon!

All the best


Artois Cinquante Deux

Artois52 is a highly experienced freelance content writer and guest post writer with over five years’ experience of writing web content for all kinds of websites. “Any topic any niche; I always write the very best quality content that I can for every customer.”